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Re: apps segfaulting on FreeBSD 8.0

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Re: apps segfaulting on FreeBSD 8.0
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 23:08:29 -0600

El dom, 21-03-2010 a las 11:32 -0700, James Mahoney escribió:

> >I'm on FreeBSD 7.2. Gpbs has always been a little more troublesome on 
> >FreeBSD than on linux, but it got worse.
> Yes.  Even after starting it from .xinitrc, gpbs seems incredibly slow.  
> Pasting after a cut or copy is the only operation that works smoothly. 
> Selecting text in order to cut or copy basically "pauses" a program (no other
> input is registered) for several seconds before the cut and copy options light
> up in the menu.  Actually cutting or copying takes another few seconds, again 
> generally pausing the program.  Can anything be done?

One solution is change the priority of gpbs process, with something like
(you need do it as root, and maybe on BSD is different)

        gpbspid=`ps -C gpbs -o pid=`
        renice -5 $gpbspid

To default gpbs is started with priority 0, but you can change it to a
negative priority (-1, -2, ... -15) to make it more faster. Of course,
you can do this with a script. But this script needs root permission to

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