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Re: apps segfaulting on FreeBSD 8.0

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: apps segfaulting on FreeBSD 8.0
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 00:51:53 +0000

Do you have /proc mounted?  I believe that the ports require this.  

I haven't tried the ports for a while, but I'm fairly sure I was using the svn 
revision that became the release on ports on FreeBSD.  You might try compiling 
from source - current svn definitely does work (or did three days ago, I've not 
updated since then) on FreeBSD 8.


On 19 Mar 2010, at 00:14, James Mahoney wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I recently installed GNUstep from ports on FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE (in 
> /usr/ports/devel/gnustep: make install clean).  I am on an i386 platform 
> (P-III-M to be precise, but no special compiler flags).  I have also 
> installed Terminal.app, Gorm, and InnerSpace from ports.  Nothing seems to 
> actually work so far, as described below.  I am not sure what to do next.
> When I run Terminal.app and Gorm (compiled from ports), they both segfault.  
> Terminal does flash its menu, icon, and a blank terminal window (no text) 
> before crashing.  Gorm flashes its menu and icon before crashing.
> InnerSpace used to diplay its icon and not do anything else while complaining 
> about not being able to find Gorm, or its Gorm file and main model file.  Now 
> it doesn't even display its icon, while listing the same complaints.  I am 
> not sure of the reason why, but I did recompile the jpeg library from ports 
> (on a bad hunch) before the icon stopped displaying.
> I haven't tried any other apps yet.
> I have sourced the GNUstep script for tcsh and "printenv" looks healthy for 
> GNUstep.
> Thanks in advance for your help.  Let me know if I should send any more info 
> along.
> Thanks,
> James
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