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Re: Installing LiveCD

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: Installing LiveCD
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 14:38:24 +0100

Am 11.02.2007 um 10:43 schrieb Richard Frith-Macdonald:

On 11 Feb 2007, at 09:10, Markus Hitter wrote:

Am 10.02.2007 um 22:15 schrieb Stefan Bidigaray:

Well, as far as I understand it, the idea behind the GNUstep Live CD is to
give you a first impression of GNUstep.

Not to dis-honour yours an G├╝rkan's work, but as GNUstep is mainly a development framework, this would include compiling a sample project or two. This pretty much requires a working hard disk.

Wouldn't mounting /home on a RAM disk serve that purpose perfectly well?

I must admit, GNUstep's LiveCD does this already and I have to take back my rant partly. After increasing "physical" memory from 160 MB to 256 MB, things start to work. The CD manages somehow to fit a 754 MB root file system plus 128 MB /tmp ("df -h") plus a running system into this RAM. Better yet, some 160 MB ("free") remain available for caches.

A "Hello World"-type app built and worked.


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