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GDL2 and object inheritance.

From: Jim Fowler
Subject: GDL2 and object inheritance.
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 18:35:02 -0500
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First off, I'm extremely impressed with gdl2 and gsweb; I'm now using
it to manage the student pages for a summer math camp.

My database schema has tables that inherit from other tables; this
seems to confuse GDL2.  In particular, the subclasses all share a
sequence, but GDL2 doesn't seem know about this (although webobjects
did, as it created the database).  I currently band-aid GDL2 by
changing the code that decides what the sequences should be named
(e.g., "address_seq" is replaced with "contact_seq" in the postgres
adaptor), but I'm wondering if there is a more elegant solution to

thanks in advance.


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