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Re: Problem building base on mingw

From: Marc Brünink
Subject: Re: Problem building base on mingw
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 10:32:22 +0200

On Monday, Apr 18, 2005, at 19:56 Europe/Berlin, Grant Rettke wrote:

Then I built gnustep make, configured the environment, built libobjc
by entering gnustep/dev-libs/libobjc and making that. It seemed to
built and install fine.

Did you delete the old libobjc files? Perhaps you didn't and gcc links
against them.

No I had followed the directions in the original email, which don't call
for deleting it. I did notice that change between that and the
Readme.Mingw directions. Perhaps I should try following either one or the
other directions.

You should delete them. (Or rename them, or move them, whatever). Another possiblility is to tweak the compiler flags. But this is not as easy as deleting the files. Please try it and report if it worked.


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