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Re: Success with Cygwin - except for gdnc... any ideas ?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Success with Cygwin - except for gdnc... any ideas ?
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 00:33:44 +0100

> Hi Pete,

Hey, hows it going ?

> your on windows now? What a surprise.

Actually, no. Have become a victiom of my own success really - I
wrote a content management app under GNUstep / Renaissance for
my own use - then gave it to a few of the contnet guys who have OSX.
...who then ditched the old system in favour of it. So now I need to
get it deployed to the three people left using Windows in the office.

[suggestioons today that we buy them all Mac's were not treated with
glee sadly, having just bought them all brand new P4's]

> I did report this a few months ago :-) Did you download the objc.dll 
> from GNUstep.org or does cygwin finally contain one?

Cygwin contains one - but it doesnt quite work with GNustep
so I just did a make install from the libobjc in dev-libs from CVS.
Is that code up-to-date ? I assumed so, but maybe it isnt ?

> What I do is start gdnc with the option -f in a seperate cygwin shell. 
> This prevents it from forking and than it seems to work. There have been 
> a few patches for GNUstep base on Windows, I don't know what parts of 
> them are still outstanding. As none of the GNUstep developers works 
> normally on Windows, we may be a bit slow in that area.

Ah, O.K. - thats interesting, because if that fixes it then maybe it
wont be that hard to track down what is up with it (and its
a fairly viable workaround anyway I guess). Excellent! Thanks (how did
you nwork that one out BTW?)



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