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Re: GNUstep & The Window Manager Problem

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: GNUstep & The Window Manager Problem
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 00:49:43 +0100

Le 24 mai 04, à 22:55, Alex Perez a écrit :


Correct anything I say in here which is parently untrue, please.
InterfaceWM development has been nonexistant for the last five months, and
I honestly don't think that Ian Mondragon is planning on continuing to
work on this project. He might intend to, but obviously Real Life(tm) is
getting in the way.

Yep, RealLife sucks.

managers properly. What do others think about this problem? Personally,
I've been using GNUstep for a couple of years now as a *user* and am not really very happy with windowmaker, but my options are so limited, and in my opinion, there's really just a big problem with entrenchment WRT window
managers. It's the classic "good enough" syndrome.

Wouldn't it be simpler for a first move to correct what you find annoying in wmaker ? or list the different bugs / missing things... We could then give that to the wmaker guys,
or if there is no more wmaker guys left, do it.

I know that Alexander Malmberg had done some work on getting GNUstep
windows to self-decorate themselves, but don't know what the current
status of that is or if it would be suitable to use it in a
GNUstep-compatible window manager.

I don't know about the self-decorate windows state with the current cvs. A few weeks ago it worked with Alex's patch. It's quite nice to have GNUstep libs in control of the
window's rendering (for theming, but also for proxy icons for instance).
The problem though is that you can't move a frozen window -- as the GNUstep app manage itself. So a bug is more annoying than usual. With wmaker it's not _that_ annoying because you could always move a frozen window using keys, but well... and that's the same thing with modal panels -- you can't move the background windows of the app.

A better solution perhaps would be to have the window manager uses the GNUstep code to decorate the window. If I remember, Yen ju started a wm using -gui ?..

Maybe the issue is that we just need to grow our developer community.


Would anyone be interested in developing a plan of action for recruitment of disaffected GNOME/KDE/other developers who are unhappy with the current discussions within the GNOME community about which direction to take GNOME in, and then acting on that plan while those who are disaffected are "ripe for the picking," so to speak? I would be very interested in helping out
in this areana.

I agree that it could be an interesting strategy. Wouldn't hurt anyway.


Nicolas Roard

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