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GNUstep and Evilwm

From: Luis Felipe Strano Moraes
Subject: GNUstep and Evilwm
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 15:02:07 -0300
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I was wondering if anyone here is using GNUstep with Evilwm .
I have never used GNUstep, but after I saw that Live CD, I 
tought that it was really nice. Evilwm (evilwm.sf.net) uses
sloppy focus, and when I move the mouse pointer over a 
gnustep application, the application menu (the one that is 
usually on the top left corner) doesn't change. It only changes
when I click on the application. Is this behaviour standard,
or is evilwm handling application focus incorrectly ? 


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