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Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: RSS/RDF Aggregator
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:02:32 +0200

On Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2003, at 12:16  Uhr, ibotty wrote:

I'd vote for a release of it.  People can still use Workspace.app
as-is if they want.  You wouldn't be taking away their freedom;
rather, you would be increasing users' options, which is always a good

vfs is no application it is only a mean to access files.

If you think about restarting your efforts, you should create a VFSFileManager, very similar to NSFileManager. Helge did this in OGo for several protocols (with various extensions to NSFileManager - locking, versioning etc.).

I don't know the infrastructure of GWorkspace, but any app using NSFileManager for browsing a file system could very easily switch to VFSFileManager - with all benefits automatically kicking in. Also all <foo>WithContentsOfURL: methods could be implemented utilizing this VFSFileManager.



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