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Re: Postal address layouts?

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Postal address layouts?
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 11:08:30 +0100

> Each sub-array is a line as it would appear on a letter. Entries startin=
> g with "$" are interpreted as literal strings, everything else is a key =
> into the data base. The proplist above contains all the possible keys.

I think your list of keys is slightly limited - I've been puzzling how
to Put a UK address into that format. Ours look like this:

Flat 5, Orchard House                   [number of a flat, the building name]
24 West Grove Street                    [building number and street name]
Everby, Milton Keynes                   [small town/village, nearby big town]
Northamptonshire                        [county name]
MK1 2AB                                 [postal code]
United Kingdom                          [country]

Thats aboout the most general form I can come up with - a lot of that
information isnt necessary for most addresses.

Also you have some countries (Japan for example) that dont base their systems
of addresses around the street where the address is physically locate
dat all - but instead a hierarchy of reference numbers. e.g. Distict 7,
area 23, building 5, appartment 13.

-bat. [not trying to be unhelpful, sorry if it comes across that way]

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