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Postal address layouts?

From: Björn Giesler
Subject: Postal address layouts?
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 20:08:02 +0100


one more thing... I'm looking for postal address layouts for different 
countries for the next release of Contacts.app. The problem is that postal 
addresses are different for each country, so I represent them in property lists 
looking something like this:

(("$Postfach", POBox),
 (ZipCode, City),

Each sub-array is a line as it would appear on a letter. Entries starting with 
"$" are interpreted as literal strings, everything else is a key into the data 
base. The proplist above contains all the possible keys.

Please, could those who have a couple of free minutes hack something like this 
together for their countries? I have German, US and Romanian, and I need 
everything else.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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