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Re: Multi-lingual cut & paste support (was Re: One for our asian languag

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Multi-lingual cut & paste support (was Re: One for our asian language experts...)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 16:00:36 +0100

> This looks like something related to an art's wrapper function for the 
> freetype library.
> I hope this will go away once you set the fonts properly.


> Ditto.  GNUstep won't display multibyte characters by default.  Please 
> refer to the
> instructions in gui/Documentation/Gui/LanguageSetup.html.

....I can see anything in there about enabling multibyte characters (and
at least I know what multibyte is these days). I can see the bits about
the encodings and fonts, but I assumed with correct encoding and font
it would "just work" ? I already have UTF8 set - can I not just set
an asian font to see the characters ?

This is where the font thing gets complicated I think - I want to have
a text field into which people can type the Japanese text, followed by
the english translation in brackets on the sameline (in thesame NSString).
Now I am quite happpy that the string can holdboth types of characters, and
it displays properly on a webpage - but I am not sure that there is any way
to get it to work properly in the text field so it can be edited ?

thanks for the help,


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