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One for our asian language experts...

From: Pete French
Subject: One for our asian language experts...
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 16:50:02 +0100

Hi, I've been following the recent diiscussions on foreign language
support with a lot of interest - especially the code contriibutions which
are an excellent thing (IMHO) as full Uncode support is one of the things
I currently need in an app.

I was wondering if anyone using these languages kenw how to get
cutting and pasting between OpenStep apps and other X11 apps working
properly. Specifically I have a webpage of UTF8 text (Hirigana in
this case) which I want to paste into an NSTextField under GNUstep.
To be able to do the reverse would also be very welcome - i.e. to cut
the hirigana from the GNUstep text box and paste into a web form.

Is this actually possible ? I know very little about X11 cuutting and pasting
so I dont know if I am expecting too much of it.


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