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Re: One for our asian language experts...

From: Kazunobu Kuriyama
Subject: Re: One for our asian language experts...
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 18:21:23 +0900
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Pete French wrote:

I was wondering if anyone using these languages kenw how to get
cutting and pasting between OpenStep apps and other X11 apps working
properly. Specifically I have a webpage of UTF8 text (Hirigana in
this case) which I want to paste into an NSTextField under GNUstep.
To be able to do the reverse would also be very welcome - i.e. to cut
the hirigana from the GNUstep text box and paste into a web form.

Sorry, but let me begin with a bad news.

The problem lies not in the recent unicode support, but in the implementation of gpbs. The module back/Tools/xpbs.m uses the atom XA_STRING alone to exchange
string data between X clients (and thus GNUstep clients).  This means gpbs
is inherently unable to do cut-and-paste with characters other than ISO Latin1
ones, TAB, and NEWLINE.  For gpbs to be internationalized, I'm afraid it has
to be reimplemented, though I'm not sure to what extent modification is needed.

Is this actually possible ? I know very little about X11 cuutting and pasting
so I dont know if I am expecting too much of it.

Because even the Athena widgets (libXaw) support internationalized cut-and-paste, I don't think it is prohibitively hard to modify gpbs. I'll read the code again
and see what I can do for it.

- Kazu

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