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Re: More recent CVS woes...

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: More recent CVS woes...
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:15:45 +0100

BTW - if you want to look at the code which walks the interface list
and what the change is for BSD then its in gdomap.c at line 1259.
Looks like this:

  final = &ifc.ifc_buf[ifc.ifc_len];
  for (ifr_ptr = ifc.ifc_req; ifr_ptr < final;)
      ifreq = *(struct ifreq*)ifr_ptr;
#ifdef HAVE_SA_LEN
      ifr_ptr += sizeof(ifreq) - sizeof(ifreq.ifr_addr) + ifreq.ifr_addr.sa_len;
      ifr_ptr += sizeof(ifreq);

     ... etc...

The detection of HAVE_SA_LEN is done in autoconf, so if you neeed to get a list
of interfaces in gdnc as well you can use the same method.


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