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Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:51:00 +0200
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on 7/7/03 12:00 PM, Philippe C.D. Robert at address@hidden wrote:

> - support for thumbnails when opening an image folder
> - integration with digital cameras, as I now have one too :-)
> - support for image albums, but much more flexible (and faster!) than eg.
> iPhoto albums
> - basic image editing features, similar to what iPhoto provides (red eye
> reduction, convolution, ... )
> - image export functionality, eg. to HTML, email, ...

I am very silently working in an image application. For now I worked on it
on MacOS-X and stopped it because I need to concentrate on other exams. As
soon as I decide to get back to the "image elaboration and transmission"
exam, I think I'll work again on it as a term-project. It currenlty display
images, zooms in them and has a greyscale conversion. Has a convolution
engine (currently of 5x5, like in photoshop but *better* done in the
numerical sense) and it has a core of FFT which has a strange bug (FFT is
working, i have written it myself in weeks of labor, there is a strange
problem in the dynamic-range adjustment of the final image. the convolution
uses integers and it works, FFT allcoates a temporary float image and there
the same algorithm fails mysteriously). The convolution and the filters
currently work only on greyscale images, since I have to solve some math
when applying it to RGB. The goal of this project is to make *clean* and
mathematically correct filters not just some photoshop crap.

As soon as I have a gnustep environment working I'll try to port it. I have
already designed it not to use strange cocoa only features, the filters are
each designed with a model/controller and *should* be even reusable


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