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Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 14:03:56 +0300

I would recommend against adding too much editing capability. When *nix users want to 
edit an image, they're going to use Gimp. Trying to duplicate Gimp's functionality is 
IMHO a waste of time. ImageView is an image *viewer*. The only "editing" I'd 
like to see in the application is the ability to save an image in another format.

My biggest feature request right now is to remove the prompt on quitting. It's 
inconsistent with other GNUstep-based apps. If I don't have a (savable) 
document open, I don't want the program trying to second-guess whether I mean 
to quit or not.

Christopher Culver

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