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Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution

From: stefan
Subject: Re: RFD: ImageViewer evolution
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 16:38:01 +0200 (CEST)
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> on 7/8/03 3:12 PM, address@hidden at address@hidden wrote:
>> At the moment i'am struggling with displaying pdf-documents which
>> is nearly finished. The app then needs some more work on the user
>> interface.
>> So i think i can release a first version in two ore three weeks.
> enrico sersale had a ghostscript front-end.
> I installed ghostscript, compiled gsview, but i get segmentation fault.
> whose culprit is it I don't know.

I've already written a new ghostscript front-end which is a bit more
universal than enricos. It is mainly a Ghostscript-class which produces
images from data (NSData to name it), you don't have to struggle with
temporary files or so if you use this class. To convert pdf to postscript
i'm using parts of the xpdf program. This has the advantage that xpdf is
responsible for reading pdf and converting it to postscript - which is
does very good from my point of view. And you have the pdf meta data (like
number of pages etc). xpdf also makes it possible to write custom output
devices, so if i have the time, i will write a xpdf-Device that renders
pdf directly on the screen using GNUStep without the need of ghostscript.
That was the main reason why i used xpdf. But for now, ghostscript works
fine for me.

What i'm exactly struggling with is a cache that loads pages ahead to
increase the display performance. But it turns out not to be such a big


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