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gsweb questions

From: Kim Shrier
Subject: gsweb questions
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 11:51:05 -0500

I am playing with gsweb to see if I can use it for an upcoming project.
I have built all the components and the Apache adapter and I think I
have all the pieces configured and in the right place.

1.  Is the intent of gsweb to be a drop-in replacement for WO 4.x.
    In particular, should WO applications be written using WOxxx
    class names or GSWxxx class names.  I see that originally the
    GSWxxx classes were written and then some code was added for
    WOxxx compatibility.  Which direction is gsweb heading?

2.  There are gswapp.make and gswbundle.make files as well as
    woapp.make and wobundle.make files.  Either set looks like
    it needs a little tweeking to get them working.  Is the
    intent that the gswxxx.make files for projects using the
    GSWxxx naming conventions and the woxxx.make files for
    projects using WOxxx names?  Is one naming convention
    going to be the "prefered" naming convention?

3.  Since I am new to WebObjects, does someone have a simple
    gsweb app that I could use to test out my setup and that
    I could use as an example of a functioning gsweb application?

 Kim Shrier - principal, Shrier and Deihl - mailto:address@hidden
Remote Unix Network Admin, Security, Internet Software Development
  Tinker Internet Services - Superior FreeBSD-based Web Hosting

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