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Re: gsweb questions

From: Kim Shrier
Subject: Re: gsweb questions
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:23:12 -0500

Manuel Guesdon wrote:
>  >|
>  >| Another related question is, can I take a WO application that
>  >| is running on Mac OSX and simply recompile it on a FreeBSD
>  >| system with gsweb and have it work without any source changes?
> The ultimate goal was this. I say was because WO5 will be Java based.
> GNUstepWeb currently does not work exactly like WO because there some
> part which are not finished or written, some WO way of doing things
> are very strange and I can't guess what it's doing (or want to do
> exactly), so I coded things the best I can. The parser is base on
> libxml (or antlr if you choose it) and some things are parsed
> differently (I haven't verified but webobject tags in strings or in
> java are not parsed in GNUstepWeb).  There's extensions in gsweb but
> you can disable them.

I am assuming then that the goal is to be compatible with WO 4.5.x
which is fine with me since I prefer Objective C over Java.  In
another email, David Wetzel mentioned some patches that he sent you.
Have they been incorporated in the current gsweb?  Or, what is the
status of those patches.

I notice in the TODO file that a WebScript interpreter has not been
done.  If this is still the case, I would like to work on that.  I
have written an interpreter for a scripting language based on
Objective C.  I can't use that code but I can start from scratch
using lessons I learned from that previous project.

> I  use gswapp for GNUstepWeb Applications:
> here is an extract of the GNUmakefile for an application:

Thanks, that is very helpful.

 Kim Shrier - principal, Shrier and Deihl - mailto:address@hidden
Remote Unix Network Admin, Security, Internet Software Development
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