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Re: GCC protocol handling is fixed

From: Stan Shebs
Subject: Re: GCC protocol handling is fixed
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 11:26:09 -0700

Helge Hess wrote:
> Stan Shebs wrote:
> > One of the changes is to default FSF GCC to -fnext-runtime rather
> > than -fgnu-runtime.
> I consider this one rather strange !!!
> Gcc defaults to a runtime library which isn't even delivered as a part
> of gcc ?? This would disable the most simple 'gcc -o hello hello.m
> -lobjc'.

I guess you haven't tried this with gcc3 - it works right now.
Even the most basic Darwin system has a NeXT-type objc runtime
installed (that's the "objc4" project).

In case it wasn't clear before, this change *only* applies to Darwin
and Mac OS X systems.  Random Unix, Windows, etc default to
-fgnu-runtime just as before.  The general GCC philosophy is to
interoperate with standard system facilities, since that is what
users expect, and the NeXT runtime is the standard on Darwin-based


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