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GCC protocol handling is fixed

From: Stan Shebs
Subject: GCC protocol handling is fixed
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 17:38:45 -0700

Hi all, I just committed what I believe to be the fix to the GCC 3.x
crash when compiling ObjC code that uses  protocols.  However, I'd
like to be sure that it's working for GNUstep too, so if you've been
trying out recent GCCs, please get one from gcc.gnu.org CVS (either             
trunk or 3.0 branch) and let me know how it goes for building GNUstep.

In related news, I've been adding bits to support NeXT-style
runtime correctly on Mac OS X (the fabled "Apple extensions" :-) ).
One of the changes is to default FSF GCC to -fnext-runtime rather
than -fgnu-runtime.  I believe GNUstep is smart about that already,
but if you're building with latest GCC on Darwin or OS X now, be
sure everything is getting -fnext-runtime or -fgnu-runtime consistently.


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