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Re: GCC protocol handling is fixed

From: Stan Shebs
Subject: Re: GCC protocol handling is fixed
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 18:51:05 -0700

David Relson wrote:
> Stan,
> That's great news on GCC.  I'll download it and experiment some.
> On a related subject, what's happening with respect to gdb support for
> ObjC?  The unofficial patches for gdb-4.17 were "ported" to gdb-4.18 (by
> me).  gdb-5.0 has changed significantly from the previous release, making
> the  port beyond my available time.  It sure would be nice to have full gdb
> support.

If you get the Darwin 1.3 GDB from Apple's open source area, it's
based on post-5.0 FSF sources and has all the ObjC support too.  In
theory the Darwin GDB will build and run on other platforms, dunno
how much that has been tried though.  At some point our GDB guys are
supposed to get their changes into FSF GDB, but they still have a
pretty heavy support burden to keep up with.  (We have an opening
for a hacker/manager type to help fill the gap, spread the word.)


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