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Re: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Framework

From: strobe anarkhos
Subject: Re: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Framework
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:50:06 -0700

At 10:14 AM -0600 4/10/01, Brian Powell wrote:
>On Tuesday, April 10, 2001, at 03:10 AM, strobe anarkhos wrote:
>>BTW OS X can convert html to embedded RTF. I'm not sure if this defines all 
>>the nuances of html to render it correctly but take a look.
>Hmmm, I'll sift more through the Cocoa docs; however, I hadn't run across 
>anything like that before.  I had found the HTMLparsing lib which is used for 
>the help system.  It is implemented in CarbonLib.

Look at Apple's NSText and related documentation.

NSText can actually be quite rich including tables (cells) and images. OS X can 
import an html and save it as an RTFD. You can also read html as an 
NSAttributedString of type NSHTMLTextDocumentType although I'm not sure one can 
save in that format. I think you can although TextEdit doesn't implement html 
export yet.

This doesn't have anything to do with the help system.

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