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Re: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Framework

From: Brian Powell
Subject: Re: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Framework
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 21:42:22 -0600

On Tuesday, April 10, 2001, at 12:47 PM, Stan Shebs wrote:

Yes, I've been installing Apple changes into GNU Objective-C for the
past month or so. Interestingly, most of the major differences are already
in standard GCC 2.95.2, if you say -fnext-runtime; most of Apple's local
changes are connected to PDO and other NeXT activities that have been
abandoned, and those are not going into FSF GCC.

That said, the runtimes are spectacularly different and are going to stay
different for some time I suspect, but in the case at hand, if you're
just going to translate message sends, that doesn't require a whole lot
of runtime knowledge.

Stan, thank you for your message. I'm sorry for the delay in responding (I have a filter that says if mail is from apple it goes to a different folder due to the ADC mailings...).

Can you share with us any information about a C++ to ObjC bridge that may or may not being worked on by Apple?


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