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Re: Comments --> Pop-up application menu by function key

From: Jeff Sciortino
Subject: Re: Comments --> Pop-up application menu by function key
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:46:22 -0500

> OpenStep does  not specify anything concerning function  keys. I would
> not mind if the GNUstep Preference application would allow the user to
> configure  some function  key to  pop  up the  application menu,  like
> WindowMaker does, and then allowing navigating in it with cursor keys.
> (This should probably go to  the NSApplication object, in its handling
> of events, and with perhaps some additions to NSMenu).

Actually, Opentstep lets you make any keyboard equivalent for a menu item you 
want. You just tell it in preferences what the command is and what the 
shortcut will be, and voila! any application with that command will have that 
shortcut. One of my favorite OS features. Lets you customize your look and 


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