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gnustep-doc packages

From: Martin
Subject: gnustep-doc packages
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:37:47 +0200

Hi, -

What do you think about creating gnustep-doc-user and
gnustep-doc-developer packages? I'll explain further....

These two packages should contain all the available documentation for
GNUstep, like...
        - a nice introduction 
          (with some pictures to show what 
          GNUstep actually is and looks like)
        - HOWTO
        - FAQ
        - David's Build Guide
        - David's user and admin guides 
          (kinda out of date but contain
          some good info as well)
        - Info on where to get updated docs, links to articles etc
        - Obj-C book
        - the tutorials
        - the Library Documentation
        - GNUstep Developer Documentation
        - CVS instructions

I think that these packages should be included with gnustep-core as
well as being available as single downloads.

The packages should be viewable per se but should also include a
makefile to install them into the GNUstep/*/Documentation-tree (which
is quite empty).

Having all the available documentation included in the build makes the
whole think more attractive. Additionally for the html documentation we
could provide a nice table of contents within the documentation-tree.
People interested in GNUstep could just download the documentation
package(s) and crawl through the included files rather than spending
all their time on jumping from one site with gstep docs to another
waiting for web server responses inspite of actually reading the
Also, having the docs bundled rise the chances that a distro will
include GNUstep because it greatly reduces their work.
When doing this, IMO we should include _all_ the available
documentation, so the build guide for example would also be installed
on a pre-build binary system. Why? because: a) a user might want to
rebuild the system on his/her own; b) it is also informative in general
; c) it is good documentation and having much and good documentation is
actually attractive, too :-)

As everybody is talking about attracting more users and developers I
would like to know what you think about that idea.

- Martin Brecher

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