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Re: "toll-free bridging"

From: Frederic Stark
Subject: Re: "toll-free bridging"
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:23:36 +0100

> Can GNUStep use Apple's "Core Foundation"?

I don't think so. See <http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/apsl.html> for  

> Core Foundation is part of Darwin (thus open source and free in  
the BSD meaning of
> free)

More precisely <http://www.opensource.apple.com//apsl/>, which is not BSD.

> and highly portable (in fact IIRC it has already been ported to several 
> eunuchs platforms). What's neat about it is Apple has basically  
taken OpenStep
> Foundation and wrote a plain C interface for it without crippling  
it. What's nice
> about this is I can write a model class for an existing library  
and people can write
> a platform-specific view and controller class in C or C++ while I  
can use AppKit. I
> can do this because Core Foundation and Cocoa Foundation objects are 
> interchangeable (what Apple calls "Toll-free bridging".

This is marketing. Recent flames on osx-dev about NSDictionary ==  
NSMutableDictionary let me think that the toll may not be that free  
for everyone.

Just my 2c.



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