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Re: "toll-free bridging"

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: "toll-free bridging"
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 22:52:41 -0500

Stefan Boehringer wrote:


> Now going through flames :-)....
> I havn't read much software licences. Didn't ASPL used to permit Apple to
> revoke the licence? Maybe this is one of the flaws they have removed.

It hasn't been removed. APSL, even 1.1, gives Apple the power to revoke any
and all APSL licenses if someone even makes a patent infringement claim. They
don't even have to prove actual patent infringement, Apple can just go
"seeya!" and you no longer have any right to use their code, or even your code
that includes some of theirs.

It's just a bad license. It's not even Open Source, much less Free Software.


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