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Re: OOT tests failing in GNU Radio, Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

From: Vasil Velichkov
Subject: Re: OOT tests failing in GNU Radio, Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 19:20:32 +0300
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Hi Anton,

On 28/06/2021 18.29, Anton Ottosson wrote:
> Though unfortunately, due to not being able to open mailto links with with 
> the Outlook web app, I responded to him with a different email address, and 
> therefore our discussion has not been included in the mailing list correctly. 
> Hopefully I am responding in a correct way now. 

Now you responded correctly.

> Providing the install prefix to cmake also resolved the corresponding issue 
> with the tutorial howto module, as expected.

It's counter productive to install the OOT module you are working on before 
running its tests. You should be able to run the tests without installing it 
and you should install it only after you are happy with the code and all tests 
run successfully.

A shell script (qa_*_test.sh) that sets various important environment variables 
is generated for every test. Can you provide the full content of one of these 
scripts from your build directory?

So either there is something wrong in your code or there is something wrong or 
not clear in the tutorial that needs to be fixed or improved. But to find it 
out it would be much easier if you can share the full source code of you OOT 
module and all the commands you've used to build, install and test it.

Do you use gr-iqlevels in you OOT module or in its tests?

> (I still initially ran into issues with an "Unable to coerce endpoints"  
> error, but this was resolved when I restarted the tutorial from the  
> beginning, so it was probably due to some silly mistake that I wasn't  able 
> to identify.)

I'm not familiar with such an error. It would be best if you can provide the 
full output.


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