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Re: Getting OOT's to run in GRC

From: Vasil Velichkov
Subject: Re: Getting OOT's to run in GRC
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 10:16:32 +0300
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Hi John,

On 13/06/2021 14.34, John Murphy wrote:
>  The blocks pull in
> gr-fft and (for the lfsr stuff) gr-digital. There is a source block, a
> general block, and a couple noblock utility classes in the custom OOT
> module.
> But when I attempt to run a flowgraph containing these OOT blocks in GRC I
> get the "module attribute error module has no component block" (sic).

One possible reason is that you have undefined references in the .so file. To 
resolve this you need to link both gr-fft and gr-digital. In you top level 
CMakeLists.txt you need to add gr-fft and gr-digital in the Gnuradio's 
find_package list. 
  find_package(Gnuradio "3.8" REQUIRED COMPONENTS blocks filter fft digital) 

And then in lib/CMakeLists.txt you need to link those to your OOT module

  target_link_libraries(myOOTblocks gnuradio::gnuradio-runtime 
gnuradio::gnuradio-fft gnuradio::gnuradio-digital)

Also open python/__init__.py and change

  except ImportError:


  except ModuleNotFoundError:

See also 


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