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Re: Replacement applications on nonfree systems

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Replacement applications on nonfree systems
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2021 09:48:10 -0300
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Em 23-08-2021 00:42, Richard Stallman escreveu:
> Are you talking about putting these comments the directory pages that
> the public can see?  If so, that approach has a big problem: is that
> it assumes people are posting the names of "replacement" programs
> before checking they are valid to list.
> Or at least, that's how it seems to me.  Did I misunderstand that
> plan, somehow?
> We should weed out invalid replacement programs _before_ they get into
> the published version of the pages.

If you are talking about pages in the Collection namespace as well as
other namespaces except the main one, I think that they can generally be
protected by administrators, so only those can edit these by default.
Unfortunately I don't know the current setting, but it can be changed
server-side ([1], [2]). I plan to propose to the FSF staff to edit that
setting to similar effect.

If we are talking about software that runs on GNU (no matter which
kernel) and that should have a full entry on the Directory, then I do
agree that you have a good point, I know that we are currently lacking a
way to inform the submitter that a given entry is out-right non-free or,
even further, not FSDG-compliant.

For full Directory entries, what if we try to find a way to do the all
of the following:

a) make the entry submission fields (both at the start of the
submission, and after an attempt to submit) be checked against a pattern
holding known names of non-free software or problematic terms?

b) make the list of "software dependencies" be checked against the same
things from (a), also after form submission?

I cannot guarantee that that we will be able to do (a) or (b) entirely,
but that is just a draft suggestion. I know for a fact that we cannot do
the checks *during* form submissions, since this would depend on
JavaScript and there is a website guideline related to allowing the most
important interactions through non-JS means ([3]). We could *maybe* do
that server-side but that would require abandoning the tabbed design of
the second-stage of the form submission and make those into separate
page loads such as what is done for the first stage.

# References

[1]:$wgNamespaceProtection .



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