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Re: Lift "runs on GNU/Linux" requirement

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Re: Lift "runs on GNU/Linux" requirement
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 10:45:36 -0400
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From a licensing perspective, Notepad++ is free software.  The Free Software Directory is a directory for free software.

Judging a project based on their political stances is beyond the scope of the Free Software Directory.  Political judgements should be left to the Apolitical Software Directory which does not exist.

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On 8/4/21 5:39 AM, David Hedlund wrote:
I removed Notepad++ from

Notepad++ and more can be found at
that I added to

On 2021-08-02 23:24, Adonay Felipe Nogueira via wrote:
Em 23-07-2021 23:34, David Hedlund escreveu:
Added: "We list external links to free software without GNU/Linux
support for other operating systems
if they are particularly useful." to
I don't think we should let external links to possible free/libre
software appear in public-facing pages unless we make create proper
entries for those software.

The Directory is a place where anyone can add software entries for
review, then some evaluators/reviewers do one or two review checks (with
varying depth of detail) and approve it or not in a way similar to
saying that is, at that time and to that specific version, considered
free/libre. If we simply link to a possibly free/libre software without
actually reviewing it, we run the risk of, for example, end up linking
to a software for Windows that depends on Microsoft Visual C++

Also, I don't know if you recall this David Hedlund, but when we created
the Collection namespace, both of us agreed that it would be used as a
means of listing already-reviewed and curated/selected free/libre
software that do some task to replace non-free ones.

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