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Re: New antifeature: Political messaging

From: David Hedlund
Subject: Re: New antifeature: Political messaging
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 21:50:13 +0200
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But this Easter egg may considered an antifeature in Notepad++ by some
people: "one morning I executed that editor to take some notes and I got
scared when suddenly it started typing by itself a message." -- Lorenzo

On 2021-08-04 21:37, David Hedlund wrote:
> You are right, it's not a feature so I removed it from
> and
> added the text "The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
> defines the term feature in IEEE 829 as "A distinguishing characteristic
> of a software item (e.g., performance, portability, or functionality)"
> to that page.
> On 2021-08-04 19:29, Greg Farough wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 04 2021, David Hedlund <> wrote:
>>> I added a "Political messaging" antifeature label here
>>> Let us know if you find a political messaging GNU/Linux software, so we
>>> can label it "Political messaging".
>> That is not an antifeature.
>> -g

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