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Demexp content on the web (Re: [Demexp-dev] First XML RPC proxy availabl

From: Augustin
Subject: Demexp content on the web (Re: [Demexp-dev] First XML RPC proxy available
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 11:51:16 +0800
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On Saturday 09 September 2006 06:08 am, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Hi Augustin,
> Thanks for your work on motivation!

And thanks for your support.
See my earlier email about what motivates me :)

> Le Thu, 7 Sep 2006 23:50:04 +0800,
> Augustin <address@hidden> a écrit :
> > But I'm making some progress already. I have a rough code outline.
> > The main theming functions and the most important hooks are in place.
> > Cron can already import and store the 270 questions (and the new
> > ones, if any).
> I don't understand how Drupal interacts with the demexp server. From
> this paragraph, I understand that you make a replica of the questions
> of the demexp server on the Drupal side using a cron job. Am I
> understanding correctly ?

Ealier, I posted:
I will pull all the public data from the server (all the questions, and  the 
answers, nb of votes and elected choice). I will create a "node" (a page of 
content in the Drupal lingo) for each question. The node will be displayed to 
anonymous users, and for the search engines to index.

The nodes (questions) will be updated each time a registered user uses the web 
client [or their hard client] to submit an answer, or cast a vote.

Technically speaking, I am creating a different 'node type' so that the demexp 
questions can be handled and styled differently from the other content in the 


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