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[Demexp-dev] about Complexity and technical choices and about personal m

From: Augustin
Subject: [Demexp-dev] about Complexity and technical choices and about personal motivation.
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 11:50:02 +0800
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Bonjour Thomas,

On Saturday 09 September 2006 05:58 am, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> At first, I thought that this approach was overkill, but after thinking
> a bit about it, I think like David that it's the best option. It allows
> to not bloatify the code of the demexp server itself by not supporting
> two RPCs types, and 

> it's better since we don't know if XML RPC will be 
> kept on the long term.

I certainly do hope it will be kept. If it is not, it means that all the time 
I am spending coding the client would be wasted. And the same can be said of 
David's time spent on the proxy itself.

As I have abundantly made clear 1-2 weeks ago, I am not coding for pleasure, 
but I am coding to see concrete results (I'm sure David will concur). 

I have given up another project so that I can invest more time into this one, 
because I felt that my input into this project could have quicker results on 
the society. 

I care about democracy, about voting systems (which you are probably aware of, 
if you've read my introductionnary material) and I am concerned about the 
direction our world in going towards.

That's why I felt uneasy when you didn't directly answer the question I asked 
you two weeks ago about the python/php choice.
I hope the python web client is currently no longer an option. 

> However, I suggest to be careful about the complexity of the demexp
> software. It's starting to be:
>  - a server in OCaml with lots of dependencies, making it hard to
>    compile when you're not using a good distribution (Debian)
>  - a proxy in Python that uses unpackaged library (pyrpc)
>  - a web client in PHP/Drupal which runs over Apache.

I don't see this as a problem. Each part can be replaced independently of the 
others. We can keep the client and change the server, or keep the server and 
change the client. (But I hope we won't have to change either!!)
The modularity is a feature!

> For the newcomer, it's probably going to be harder and harder to get
> involved in the projet if so many languages, library and compilers are
> used, and if the architecture becomes more complex.

Not necessarily. I only know php, and I found out that I don't even need to 
understand xml rpc (even though it's dead simple) because I just use the 
Drupal handlers. I don't know Python, or OCaml, and I still can very actively 
contribute to the project. 
A php coder could join me to improve the client, a python coder can work on 
the proxy and an OCaml coder can work on the server.
To each their specialty. 

Now, the only problem is if an organization needs to create a new 
server/client setup for their own purposes. Installing a Drupal client is 
very easy and possible on almost any hosting company (php+mysql). I guess the 
proxy and the server would be somewhat harder to install and configure.
But who would need to do that? Not an individual, but as I said: an 
organization: they have IT professionals or some funds to get the job done.
David or you could even offer to do it for a fee: a good opportunity for you 
to make some pocket money   :)

> Anyway, I think that the current experimentations around Drupal are a
> nice thing, and the motivation of Augustin is promising.

I truly appreciate your encouragement.

But as I said from the very beginning and repeated above, my motivation is 
linked to the belief that I am spending time on something that is going to be 
used. Yourself gave up compiling the client for Mandriva when there was talk 
of a web client, because you understood that your efforts would be wasted.

All this to say: I am looking forward to the time when I'll be able to install 
Drupal on!

If things carry on going at this pace, we'll have a solid, debugged web client 
by the end of the year. 
I certainly hope that by early 2007, the Democratic Experience can make a 
positive contribution to the democratic debate for the 2007 French elections.
That's my goal and my motivation :)

Thanks for your support and encouragement


Because we and the world need to change.
Intimate Relationships, peace and harmony in the couple.
Revolutionary Psychology, White Tantrism, Dream Yoga...
Condorcet, Approval alternative, better voting methods.

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