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Re: [Demexp-dev] First XML RPC proxy available

From: Augustin
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] First XML RPC proxy available
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 23:50:04 +0800
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On Tuesday 05 September 2006 06:01 pm, you wrote:
> Yes. Those methods are defined in section 3.2.6 (Question tagging) and
> 3.2.5 (Tag management) of demexp book. Prefered methods are
> tag_set_of_question_group() to get get the tags of a set of questions
> and tag_info() to get the label of tags. I'll make a binding to them
> ASAP (but not before the end of this weekend).


> Let us know if you have some code to show, I'll try to build a Drupal
> config on my linux machine.

Soon. I've just setup some basic hooks. I'm merely running a bunch of 
tests to figure out what is the best way to import the data and store it 

When I have something functional, I'll check the code at
I'll tell you when I do that, probably next week. Meanwhile, you can 
still download and install Drupal itself. Later, you can download the 
demexp.module to add in the modules directory.

(two days later...)

I am developing using an alpha release. Features have just been frozen, and 
now we are cleaning bugs within Drupal core:

So, I share my available time between developing the module, and reviewing bug 
patches for Drupal core.

Drupal 5.0 has just introduced some features that should make import of data 
more consistent. All forms used to be user-submitted, save a few exceptions. 
With the new version, all forms are supposed to be programmatically 
submittable, by a robot, a cron job, or a xml call, without user 
intervention. Obviously, the timing couldn't be better for us. Using all the 
data that the server sends me, I need to programmatically submit forms (i.e. 
create) nodes, one special demexp user, one node type to store questions, 
forums to discuss each questions, etc. Those are features that not many 
people need or would use.
But as I develop the module, I am the first one to try out some of the forms, 
in some dark corners, and I run into bugs, which slows me down (at first, it 
took me time to realize that I didn't do anything wrong, but that it was 
indeed a bug in the core of Drupal HEAD which is still in alpha release). 

But I'm making some progress already. I have a rough code outline. The main 
theming functions and the most important hooks are in place. Cron can already 
import and store the 270 questions (and the new ones, if any).

The current code  still has a few rough edges to sort out, but the first stage 
is already functional.

The next stages for me are the following methods: get_timestamps() and the 
different tagging methods.
I know you are already working on them. 

I have enough to keep myself busy for the time being. Just tell me when you're 
ready with the next method. 


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