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Re: how do you start up DDD?

From: shaunak saha
Subject: Re: how do you start up DDD?
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 12:03:32 +0530

In step 3 you said that did a "configure" and "make" but no "make install" after that.To install the compiled programs(ddd) you need to give the command "make install".
This will install the ddd binary in you /usr/local/bin.
Also to verify you ddd binary is build properly, after doing a make you can do a "make check".This creates a sample C++ program `cxxtest' and then runs DDD on it by invoking `./ddd cxxtest'.
Hope this helps.

2009/3/13 David Clarke <address@hidden>

I followed the directions to install DDD on your web site to their end:
  1. Unpack the DDD source distribution
  2. Change into the ddd-version subdirectory
  3. Type ./configure; make
and seemed to get a successful install.  I then went to your user manual and copied sample.c, compiled it, and typed ddd sample as instructed.  This is the message I get:

ddd: Command not found.

Evidently, my configuring and making ddd within the Downloads directory (there were no directions to move it elsewhere) is insufficient.  How do I make it so ddd is visible from any other directory where software to be debugged may reside?

I am on a Macbook Pro. OS X 10.5.4 (Intel).

The answer to this might be added to your instructions on the web site.


cheers, David.

David A. Clarke address@hidden
Professor of Astronomy and Physics (902) 420-5830
Institute for Computational Astrophysics (902) 496-8218 (fax)
Saint Mary's University http://www.ica.smu.ca/zeus3d
Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3

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