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DDD - cygwin -- what needed -- binaries

From: Daniel Rosenzweig
Subject: DDD - cygwin -- what needed -- binaries
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 19:22:27 -0400

I've searched various groups, and seen various issues....
I currently don't have much time to fiddle with a tool which may not 
suit my needs. Are there any modern binaries available for ddd 
which run on Cygwin?  Since I haven't downloaded every section of 
Cygwin, which portions are required to run it?

If I must compile ddd for myself -- what libraries etc would I need to 
download first?

I plan on using ddd on a PC to remotely debug an HPUX 11 
machine. I plan on using ddd as a front end to gdb (actually wdb) 
running on the HP box - which is also where the software to be 
debugged is located. Currently, I'm running wdb with an Xserver on 
my PC... the X traffic over the network isn't too quick.. especially 
when working from home.

Daniel Rosenzweig
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