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We're GIVING away a FREE years supply of HGH!

Subject: We're GIVING away a FREE years supply of HGH!
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 00:10:23 -0400


We're giving away a
of the strongest homeopathic HGH available 
A Physician's Blend® HGH

The lack of HGH in your body is responsible for 509 diseases and illnesses.
These are just a few of the conditions we can help.

- Fibromyalgia 
- Low Energy
- High Blood Pressure  - Multiple Sclerosis
- High Cholesterol  - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Obesity  - Crohn's Disease
- Arthritis - Anemia
- Osteoporosis
- And many more
And we have the testimonials to prove it! No other product world-wide can compare!
As the world's largest HGH provider, we truly want to help you. A Physician's Blend® HGH, the strongest homeopathic formula allowed on the market by the FDA without a prescription, is FDA registered and our company is an FDA Approved Labeler.
We'll make you a believer by providing you a 90 day supply of A Physician's Blend® HGH risk free, yes that's RISK FREE. To show you how committed we are to your health, we'll also give you a substantial discount from retail rates... for the next 3 years!
And on top of all that, HGH is the best natural aphrodisiac found!!!
You can't do any better than that, can you?
People with certain medical conditions may not benefit from the use of HGH. Let our trained professionals help you by providing you with factual and personalized information.  CLICK HERE, register for our giveaway and one of our consultants will contact you at a day and time convenient for you.
Go ahead... let A Physician's Blend® HGH help you become healthier and happier.


To learn more about HGH, register for our free giveaway! (click here).

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Las Vegas NV 89119
(702) 951-2986

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