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Re: [cjk] output with source han and xdvipdfmx

From: Thorsten
Subject: Re: [cjk] output with source han and xdvipdfmx
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 08:29:49 -0400

I just created a MWE sample-auto-pst-pdf.tex for the use of the package

I generated from that the file sample-auto-pst-pdf-dvips.pdf along the
route latex-dvips-gsview/ghostscript and the file sample-auto-pst-
pdf.pdf directly via PDFLaTeX. As you can see by comparing source and
output, in both cases the LaTeX path ist used...

All files are attached to this email...


Am Samstag, den 03.06.2017, 07:24 +0200 schrieb Werner LEMBERG:
> > When trying that [pstool], I had great difficulties with the input
> > stack size, I don't have under LaTeX.
> This usually indicates a bug in one of the packages, which might have
> been fixed meanwhile.  Otherwise, you can increase the stack size in
> the file `texmf.cnf' – look for variable `stack_size'.
> I suggest you give it a try again :-)
>     Werner

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