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Re: [cjk] Installation Cyberbit as PostScript font failed

From: amigolang
Subject: Re: [cjk] Installation Cyberbit as PostScript font failed
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2017 20:51:50 +0200


yes, I was very happy myself -- thanks to your and Hin-Taks help!

Concerning the sudo: I found quite some of the lines over the last weeks similarly in the internet and overtook it without much trying or thinking (as it worked for me... ;-))) ). But your thoughts are quite convincing to me...

I corrected the comment in file c70nose.fd concerning the address range according to your hint.

The typo CJKB instead of CJKb is done by the spell correction in my smartphone. I wrote all my emails to the mailing list up to now on the little keyboard of my smartphone. And that tries to correct every English word or programming _expression_ towards normal German words...

Sometimes the results are funny, sometimes less... and I don't always notice, what it does...

I will delete the *.enc and *.amf files -- good to know, that the are not needed!

I have altered my minimum working example (MWE) now, so that it covers ALL Chinese signs of my main text. I have controlled as well meanwhile, which signs are not printed. 

It are the  signs with the Hex UTF8 bytes 
E5 A2 A8
E6 98 93  and
E6 9D 8E.

Two of those occur twice in my text,  so in total 5 signs are missing. To make it easier, I wrote all five of them again in the last line of my new MWE. I attached it to this email.

Meanwhile the second computer works as well. I just got mixed up a bit with two different texlive installations... ;-)))

Inspired by the hint of Hin-Tak I did another thing: I copied the Chinese symbols into Microsoft Word and tried out several different system fonts under Windows 7. FangSong, MingLiu, KaiTi, SimSun, NSimSun, PMingLiu, SimHei seem to cover the whole range of signs I used up to now.

Only, I'd like to embed the fonts into the pdf. And as Hin-Tak pointed out, that may lead to license problems...

Thanks again for your help!

Von meinem Samsung Gerät gesendet.

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glad to hear that it worked!  Here some remarks.

> sudo fontforge -script subfonts.pe nose.otf nose

Why `sudo' for running fontforge and the other commands?  In general,
you should *work* and *create* files in your home directory.  If
everything is OK, you should then *install* to /usr/local/ (or
whatever).  `sudo' is far too dangerous for normal work.

> % character set: Unicode U+0080 - U+FFFD% font

This comment is not correct.  IIRC, SourceHan also contains CJK
characters outside the BMP (i.e., U+0000-U+FFFF).

> \DeclareFontShape {C70}{nose}{bx}{n}{<-> CJKB * nose}{\CJKbold}

Here's a typo: `CJKB' -> `CJKb'.  Given that HanSource has a real bold
variant, you could (and probably should) replace this poorman's
emboldening with something better.

> *.afm: \fonts\afm\google\nose\*

Note that AFM files are not needed for LaTeX typesetting; they are
informational only.

> .enc: \fonts\enc\dvips\nose\nose

Please delete those files.  They are not needed, and maybe even cause

> But I still have missing characters: xA8 (inverted) in nose58, ^^S
> in nose66 and N in nose67.

Please check your input file and tell me the correponding Unicode code
points.  I can't believe that they are not covered in HanSource (TC


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