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Re: [cjk] Installation Cyberbit as PostScript font failed

From: Hin-Tak Leung
Subject: Re: [cjk] Installation Cyberbit as PostScript font failed
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 14:59:47 +0000 (UTC)

Noto CJK is not SourceSan, I think? One is from Google, the other from Adobe...

hanazono (as recommended by the bottom of the front of ctext.org) should have 
everything. it explicitly says to have extension A, B, C, D, E, though BCDE is 
in a different file.

If you want to see a particular font has all you need or general glyph coverage 
for that matter, 
Get "FontVal-2.0.0-py-bin-net4.zip" from 
 , unzip, and doble-click on "fontVal.exe", load a font with 'add font file', 
unselect every test, except "OS/2" . The OS/2 table analysis should tell you if 
the font claims to support CJK extension A, and whether and how many glyphs are 
missing in that range.  Argh, it lumps extension A and extension B together, 
but you get a number.
(I built it, and please feel free to click on the 'donate' link above...)

On Thu, 1/6/17, Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:

 Subject: Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: [cjk] Installation Cyberbit as PostScript font 
 To: address@hidden
 Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
 Date: Thursday, 1 June, 2017, 14:05
 [Please write
 plain text e-mails if possible!]
 glad to hear that it worked! 
 Here some remarks.
 sudo fontforge -script subfonts.pe nose.otf nose
 Why `sudo' for running
 fontforge and the other commands?  In general,
 you should *work* and *create* files in your
 home directory.  If
 everything is OK, you
 should then *install* to /usr/local/ (or
 whatever).  `sudo' is far too dangerous
 for normal work.
 > %
 character set: Unicode U+0080 - U+FFFD% font
 This comment is not correct. 
 IIRC, SourceHan also contains CJK
 outside the BMP (i.e., U+0000-U+FFFF).
 > \DeclareFontShape
 {C70}{nose}{bx}{n}{<-> CJKB * nose}{\CJKbold}
 Here's a typo: `CJKB'
 -> `CJKb'.  Given that HanSource has a real bold
 variant, you could (and probably should)
 replace this poorman's
 emboldening with
 something better.
 *.afm: \fonts\afm\google\nose\*
 Note that AFM files are not needed for LaTeX
 typesetting; they are
 informational only.
 > .enc:
 Please delete those files.  They are not
 needed, and maybe even cause
 > But I still have missing
 characters: xA8 (inverted) in nose58, ^^S
 > in nose66 and N in nose67.
 Please check your input file
 and tell me the correponding Unicode code
 points.  I can't believe that they are not
 covered in HanSource (TC

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