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Re: Chicken-users Digest, Vol 225, Issue 9

From: George Oliver
Subject: Re: Chicken-users Digest, Vol 225, Issue 9
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 07:18:15 -0700

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 1:05 AM Mark Fisher <> wrote:
> I've made some partial progress.
> I installed mingw64-gcc and make into windows with chocolatey in a powershell 
> instead of with MSYS2, which I think may be closer to what you have setup 
> George?
> George, what version of gcc did you use to compile chicken? I suspect this 
> may simply be a version issue, as my system is incredibly clean, so shouldn't 
> be having these issues.

Hi Mark,

The system I was using isn't available anymore to check, but it was a
year ago so I probably was on mingw-64 7.0 -- not sure which gcc that

I didn't use chocolatey  -- typically I would just install everything
manually. Looking back on my notes though I wrote that installing "was
really smooth"  -- I think I only started hitting my Windows issues
later ;)  I definitely was able to set a custom PREFIX though because
I never installed tools in C:/.

cheers, George

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