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Re: [certi-dev] Does CERTI compile at Solaris?

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] Does CERTI compile at Solaris?
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 15:48:15 +0200

2008/6/24 Martin Spott <address@hidden>:
> "Eric Noulard" wrote:
>> Upcoming will certainly be 3.3.0 but...
> ....  then you probably want to change the respective "3.2.8cvs" string
> in 'configure.in' and the "3.2.8" in 'myconf'  ;-)

Yes I will.
Note that we will probably drop autoconf support too :=)

> I just compiled a set of SPARC64 binaries (-xarch=native64) and at
> least 'rtig' seems to run without crashing on startup. BTW, the
> 'billard' test case as explained on the English "Setup" web site seems
> to be out of date, there are no "./billard-init", "./billard-1" ....
> scripts/wrappers in my installation.

We will update that part.
Note however that _currently_ the billard test app is not handling UAV
in a an heterogeneous fashion, since in HLA 1.3 nothing is said about
"user application provided values".

CERTI internal do handle heterogeneity such that you may run
RTIG anywhere but if you use billard you should run every instance
of the billard app on homogeneous hosts.

We should update billard...


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