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Re: [Bug-XBoard] XBoard won't show absolute analysis scores

From: Dániel Arató
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] XBoard won't show absolute analysis scores
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 23:54:49 +0100

Wait, you're talking about the "Engine Output" window... So there is
no way to get absolute scores in the analysis bar in _the main

I checked the "Engine Output" window (I don't normally use it) and
that one does show absolute scores, so if that's what the options are
supposed to do, it works fine. This isn't what I want though. I need
absolute scores in the main window.


On 21/02/2016, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> I don't understand how this can be. Most of what you describe should work
> (and is in fact equivalent), and when I try it, both with WinBoard 4.8.0
> and with the current development version, it does. Perhaps there is some
> misunderstanding on what it is supposed to do.
> -absoluteAnalysisScores only affects what is printed in the score column
> of the Engine Output coulumn in analysis mode. Setting it by editing the
> .xboardrc file (1a), or from the command line (1b) or ticking the option
> (7) should indeed have exactly the same effect. -scoreWhite does the same,
> but in all modes rather than just analysis mode. There is no other effect
> of this option (e.g. on the scores stored in the PGN file). The Eval Graph
> is always displayed from white POV, the PGN contains mover POV scores.
> H.G.
> Op Zo, 21 februari, 2016 5:26 pm schreef Dániel Arató:
>> Dear XBoard community,
>> I just installed XBoard 4.8.0 on a Debian 8 machine. XBoard hasn't
>> been installed before, so there are no leftover config files. I use the
>> Stockfish engine.
>> I haven't been able to get XBoard to show absolute analysis scores.
>> Here's what I've tried:
>> 1. Change "-absoluteAnalysisScores false" to "-absoluteAnalysisScores
>> true" in ~/.xboardrc 2. Run "xboard -absoluteAnalysisScores true"
>> 3. Both of the above
>> 4. Change "-scoreWhite false" to "-scoreWhite true" in ~/.xboardrc
>> 5. Run "xboard -scoreWhite true"
>> 6. All of the above
>> 7. Go to Options/General in XBoard, tick Absolute Analysis Scores and
>> hit Save Settings Now (this should have the same effect as 1 but you
>> never
>> know) 8. Load a non-UCI engine (GNU Chess)
>> Nothing has worked so far. The .xboardrc file is loaded correctly and
>> everything else works fine.
>> I should mention that I had XBoard showing absolute scores without
>> issue on a different machine. Unfortunately that box was stolen so I
>> can't
>> check what version of XBoard it ran or what config it had.
>> What am I doing wrong?
>> (Please reply or CC to my email address, I'm not subscribed to the
>> mailing list.)
>> Dániel
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