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Re: [Bug-XBoard] [bug #35000] Temporary previous position ('.' key, form

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: Re: [Bug-XBoard] [bug #35000] Temporary previous position ('.' key, former Ctrl) conflicts with start of Type a move
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 14:33:56 -0800
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>> I guess the normal highlighting works, but having the piece move is nice
>> IMO:)
> The reason was that with the width of the grid lines set to zero, as people
> that like to use fancy board textures often do, (and is mandatory on an
> oriental-style Xiangqi board) the normal highlighting is completely
> inisible.

if the grid line is set to zero, the move highlight could be drawn
inside the square for example... but I guess this is another topic...

>> So hitting the ctrl key doesn't seem that problematic... We also have
>> almost all functions/menu items on ctrl+... keys, so why make an
>> exception for this one?
> Well, if you don't use other formsofhighlighting,I suppose you need it
> very often.

not if you are paying attention ;) Even with highlighting off, I think I
would only use this every now and then while observing games.

> There are reasons for wanting keystrokes to be easy, as well
> as for wanting them to be difficult.

true, I just don't see this one as an action that needs to be available
on a single key...

> E.g. I very often get complints about
> F9 (= resign). People get very pissed when they resign acidentally,

yes, F9 is very critical ;) We could add an option that adds a "are you
sure?" dialog, if you hit F9 again you resign, every other key cancels.
Should be optional though...

> Fact is thatpeople complain when frequently used actions need two keys.
> I moved 'backward' and 'forward' to Alt+Arrow, but was pretty much forced
> to move it back to plain arrows to escape a lynching mob...

I guess it would help us if we knew how often these functions are used
that way we could move things that are used all the time to F-keys...

One thing we could do in the long term is to move all functions to
ctrl+<key>, that is including resign, etc.  and have a mechanism for the
user to easily modify the F-keys to be used as whatever they want.

hmm, most of this seems OT to the bug... guess I better stop here ;)


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