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[bug #63768] Configurable URL scheme for man page hyperlinks

From: John Gardner
Subject: [bug #63768] Configurable URL scheme for man page hyperlinks
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2023 14:15:25 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #2, bug #63768 (project groff):

> It really looks to me like macOS doesn't have its story straight here.

Sorry, I probably could've expressed those scheme variants better: those are
various other man-page URL schemes invented by authors over time:

* Bwana is a standalone man page viewer for macOS
<https://www.bruji.com/bwana/>. Man page links use the URL format
"man:name.section", which is _almost_ compatible with Groff's.

* ManOpen <https://github.com/donmccaughey/ManOpen> is a GUI viewer for man
pages that supports "x-man-doc://" as an alias of "x-man-page://".

* Terminal.app is macOS's default terminal emulator, and also the program
registered to handle "x-man-page://" URLs (think xdg-open).

Basically, I was stressing the diversity of URL formats we might end up having
to accommodate. Apologies for any confusion.


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