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Re: [Bug-gnubg] FTGL

From: Øystein Johansen
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] FTGL
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 11:49:50 +0200
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Jon Kinsey wrote:
> I've had a look and the problem is not obviously with FTGL, it could be
> freetype or the way FTGL uses freetype.  So check if you can get a newer
> version of freetype 2, to see if this helps.

I'm using the freetype from the GTK-devel package at
http://gladewin32.sf.net. Is there a later package available somewhere?

> On my mingw system it breaks when more than 2 fonts are used in FTGL.  I
> use 4 in gnubg, I've added a hack to lower the fonts down to 2, just add:
> #define FTGL_BROKEN 1

I tried that and it then it works, but I get no numbered points on the
board edge, and the fonts does not look antianialised.

> to config.h or the top of font3d.cpp.  This should display all the
> numbers but they will be aliased (jagged).

Yes, just as observed!

> Interestingly it runs ok in gdb, if you can, try rebuilding with debug
> symbols and running in the debugger to see if it works like this - not
> sure what this will prove...

What should I check in gdb?

>>Another thing: The cube numbers look really nice, but the resignation
>>flag numbers are not antianialised.
> Not sure why I didn't do this.  I've just added the code to make the
> flag numbers look nice, I'll blame you if this breaks anything :-)

I also try to recompile without the FTGL_BROKEN flag. If works fine, but
the numbers are not filled.


- -Øystein
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