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bug#24857: Anybody needs help to set up a qemu VM for GNU/Hurd?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#24857: Anybody needs help to set up a qemu VM for GNU/Hurd?
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 07:50:16 -0800
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On 12/08/2016 01:12 AM, Svante Signell wrote:
I've also successfully built different emacs tarballs and git repos. The problem is building again, or worse: to build a Debian package, which copies the whole emacs tree into three different build directories: build-x, build-nox, build-lucid, as well as rebuilding all *.elc files. See bug #24857, especially comments #86,89,92,95 of that bug, for more info where Clément Pit--Claudel did the same as you.

OK, but that appears to be a problem with the Debian build procedure, not with Emacs per se.

So, it sounds like we can declare victory against this bug, at least for
the master branch. At least, it worked for me, if you ignore the OS
crashing during the build. Possibly the crash was because I didn't
reboot after the 'apt-get dist-upgrade' (you didn't say to reboot, so I
Sorry, I should have added <reboot> after dist-upgrade especially when
gnumach/hurd/glibc are updated.

OK. Closing the Emacs bug report.

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